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House of fully automatic screw type plastic injection moulding machine and its auxiliary equipments.
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STVIM Insert Moulding Series Machine –Insert Plastic Injection Moulding Machine are Basically Top Locking Top Injection Moulding Machine. Clamping Unit – Optimized Clamping Unit for better Moulding Of insert with Accurate Locking as required for Insert Moulding Job Injection Unit- Injection Unit with High Torque Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor Screw Drive. EN-41B Gas Nitrided Screw Barrel with Heavy Duty Heaters for Smooth Melting of Thermoforming Plastic Polymer (i.e. ABS, PC, PET, Pet G, Nylon, GPPS, PP etc.) Controller - Controlled by next generation PLC with high memory and rugged construction operated by HMI. Available in Both Microprocessor PLC & Semi PLC Controller. Pump System – Our Machines are available in a) Simple Vane Pump.(Less Power Efficient)

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